Friday, March 19, 2010

Week One: Day Two - Am I running an obstacle course?

So today was Week One, Day Two!

I woke up feeling quite optimistic. I had a fairly healthy breakfast (Sausage Burrito and Fruit) and set out for work. This is where my first obstacle came in...Today was my co-workers birthday, so this meant I was eating out for lunch. I expected her to pick someplace local where I could order a salad. Nope. She picks a Japanese Buffet. Of all places! My husband and I had just treated ourselves to sushi last night, and I knew I was weighing in tomorrow, so I REALLY had to behave. It actually wasn't too bad. I ate a LOT of fruit and had a little bit of rice with some chicken. I also drank water! Yay me!

Dinner was obstacle two! Our friend is a teacher and she worked very hard with her kids to create an opera and tonight was the show. They were also having an Italian Dinner beforehand. I LOVE Italian Food!!! I am proud of myself because I actually didn't get any pasta...I stole a bite of my husband's, and filled my plate with salad. I drank water and allowed myself two rolls. All in all, not too bad for someone that could previously eat an entire box of spaghetti herself! Double Yay for Me!

After dinner and the show were over, we were off to run. I gotta say, there's something peaceful and calming about running at night. I don't know what it was, but I just really enjoyed tonight's training. I can already feel a difference. Tonight's run was still hard, but felt a lot better then the last! I even threw in a little sprint at the end just because it felt good. My ankles and knees will definitely be sore tomorrow so I think I may look into more support...maybe some type of light brace? We'll see how the next couple of days are before I make that decision.

I also need a sports bra (but I'll save that little detail for another day...and I promise to warn the male readers before posting so they know not to read!)

Tomorrow is my Weight Watchers weigh in day, so I can't wait to see what this is doing to my body. I've been told to expect a gain, but I'm secretly hoping for a loss. We'll see! I'll keep ya posted!

Fingers Crossed until next time!

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