Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The "Real" Day One!

Well folks...I just got back from what we're considering the "real" day one. It definitely felt better then Sunday's run! I was still winded, but not quite as bad. I did have some cramping in my calves, but I think that was because I had a busy day and probably didn't eat as much as I should have. I will definitely have to find a better balance.

We had a few friends join us tonight, which really helped with the motivation. We started off thinking we would go to a local middle school and use their track. Turns out this would have been a good choice, but there was a soccer game happening! We all know I'm self conscious, so my friends were supportive enough to take me to a local park that had a nice little running area. This park was much closer then the one we ran at on Sunday. It was also less crowded and had a small incline in a few places. I think we will definitely be going back there!

I am definitely loving my shoes and have to say that for anyone wanting to do this...Good shoes are definitely worth buying! I can't imagine trying to run in the $10 WalMart shoes that I usually buy! Bo-Bo's definitely do NOT make your feet feel fine!

I have also figured out that these few days a week of training are not the only thing I need to be doing...I need to get back into the gym and do a few mild work-outs in between running days. Maybe do some weight training and light cardio in between. I'll keep ya posted!

We are set to run again on Friday...we also have a small obstacle to overcome. We have tickets to a dinner theater show that our friend has been working on. We'll have to watch what we eat, not over-do it on the pasta, and run after the show. Should be interesting!

Until next time...thanks for reading!

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