Sunday, March 21, 2010

Week One Complete!

Well folks, my first hurtle has been jumped and week one training is complete! The more we run, the more people join us, and it is really helping. Today we had seven people with us, and even had our own little cheering section. It really was a nice morning!

Here are a few things I've learned so far:

* Good gear is essential - this includes shoes, socks, clothing, and especially bras for the women!

* Music helps the workout go by faster...I recommend the various podcasts out there that tell you when to start and stop your running. My personal favorites are on the "Fat to Fit to Fierce" website. Here's her website:

* Stretching before your workout is VERY important. It's makes for a huge difference in your recovery time after each training session.

* Do NOT try to do this on an empty stomach, but also do not overeat before you train. I found this article today and it was very helpful:

* If you are doing this training and Weight Watchers at the same time, do not be surprised if you have a gain during your first week of training. Apparently this is normal and is part of your body getting used to this type of a workout.

Stay tuned for Week Two!
(I'm terrified, but excited! Woo Hoo! Here we go!)

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