Monday, March 15, 2010

Surprisingly New Beginnings husband surprised me this week and asked me if I wanted to train and do a 5K with him this coming May. I was shocked for a moment, but immediately said yes! Soon after I decided to do this, a light popped on in my head...why not blog about it?

What, do you ask, is so interesting about me running a 5k? Well, for starters, I currently weigh just a little under 300 lbs. This isn't something you hear of too often. Typically, when you hear about someone training to run in any type of endurance race, a big girl is not the first thing that pops into your mind. Believe me, I understand!

My husband and I just recently started our weight loss and fitness journey with the goal of leading a healthier lifestyle, so this is a huge step for us! I am excited, and terrified all at the same time! Right now, I can't even imagine what it's going to feel like when I cross that finish line and complete my first race! I have complete faith that we can do this, so I wanted to share this journey in hopes that it will inspire more people like me to get out there and (pardon the Nike pun) Just Do It!

So....Let's start at the very beginning!

I haven't done any type of running since my sophomore year in high school! I'm in my early thirties now, so that should tell you it's been a while! In fact, it's been a while since I've done any type of real physical activity. I joined a gym in January, and occasionally attempt to make it through a Zumba class, but to train for this will require me to be much more dedicated. Yikes!

The first thing we needed to do was to go out and buy some running shoes. This in itself kinda scared me. What would people think when I walked into a store and said "I'd like to buy some running shoes...I'm thinking of running a 5K." I thought someone would laugh at me! Turns out, they didn't! My husband heard about this place in Charlotte called "Run For Your Life" where apparently they actually fit you for a proper pair of shoes. Well, not only do they fit you for size, but they also make a video of your feet running on a treadmill to make sure the shoes have the right kind of support for the way you run! It was an awesome experience and my feet have never felt so good in a pair of shoes! They also got me to buy running socks...who knew? I am going to include their link because they were such awesome people!

Stay up, exploring the "Couch-to-5K" running plan, and our first day on the track!


  1. Congratulations to you, not just for daring to run as a big girl in a skinny girl's world, but for getting back to what you do so well -- writing! I know that once you put your mind to something, you will make it happen. You have always been brave.

  2. Cathy, you are so encouraging and supportive! Thank you for those kind words!

  3. Good stuff, chica. Good luck with your couch to 5k training. I'll be following along with you.

  4. Love the screen name Dave! It's perfect! I'm so excited to have my first official group of followers! Yay! Thanks for tagging along!