Sunday, May 16, 2010


Yesterday was the big day! I woke up feeling fine and was ready for whatever the day had in store for me...

We got to the race area a little before 7am to walk around, and see what we might be getting ourselves into. I was quite excited at this point so we got our chip and did a warm up walk around.

Our friends joined us, and before we knew it it was 8am and we were all lined up at the start gate! And we're off...but holy crap! No one mentioned how many hills there were in the course! Those hills KICKED my BUTT!

I jogged pretty much all of the first mile (despite those damned hills!) and the ended up briskly walking the rest of the course. I was happy to have finished in under an hour AND I did NOT finish last! My first two goals have been met!

We're already signed up for two more this summer so I'm very excited. I plan to keep writing about our experiences, and to hopefully start updating this blog a little more then I have been! My next and only goal is that I can beat my time at the next race.

Here are a few pics! Enjoy!

This is me before the Race...looking optimistic!

This is my Husband about to finish...he came in just a hair above 45 minutes!

This is me just about to cross the finish line - my husband and our young friend Cody circled back to cheer me across the rest of the way!


  1. I caught your link from the dis boards and hopped over here to read your blog. Great Job!! I've been saying for a couple of years now that I want to run a 5k--I train for awhile (using couch to 5k) and then don't run a race. Amazing job!! I don't know you and I'm so proud of you!

  2. Awesome job! As a fellow "big girl" my first 5K is this Saturday. If I can finish in 59 minutes or less I'll be thrilled. Keep up the good work and you'll be running the entire thing before you know it!! Congrats to your hubby as well!!

  3. I also got your link from the DIS, well done! I just purchased a treadmill which is coming on Saturday, can't wait! Am probably just going to start fast walking for now and hope to register for a 5k in the Spring. I really appreciate your blog for inspiration and the dis thread, keep at it!!